Indoor/Outdoor Analog Wall 4x1 Mic/Line Mixer W/Optional Dante® Audio Network Interface

  • Dante Network Option
  • Power Pack Included

    Model WTSD-MIX41K is a 4x1 Mic/line Analog Mixer that features four balanced microphone/line inputs and a balanced line output. Selection between mic or line level is done via dip wwitch on the rear panel. The high gain mic inputs incorporate user enabled phantom power for condenser microphones and a 120Hz low cut filter to eliminate unwanted low frequency interferences. A global mute function can be triggered via local switch. Separate level controls for each input provide control for the audio mix needed. Input peak and signal indicators give visual reference to set the gain structure for maximum performance.

    Mic/line inputs are via a Phoenix type connector on the rear of the WTSD. The WTSD-MIX41K can be converted into Dante®Digital Network audio when interfaced with the optional AtlasIED TSD-DAC2i converter. The WTSD-MIX41K is designed to be used in conjunction with the AtlasIED WTSD-XLR4 input plate or with other XLR wall plates. The WTSD-XLR4 also can be used with the WTSD-COVER accessory for outdoor environments that require security.  

    • Indoor/Outdoor Use
    • XLR Balanced Mic or Line Input with Individual Level Controls
    • Fits Most 2-Gang Boxes
    • Uses Industry Standard Cat5 or Cat6 Cable
    • High Gain Balanced Line Output for Applications Up to 400ft.
    • 120Hz/12dB Low Cut Filter for Mic/Line
    • Local Mute Switch
    • Remote Trigger Output for Remote Amplifier Turn On
    • System Priority Mute Function
    • Input Signal & Peak Indicators
    • Energy Saving Auto Sleep Mode

    Input Type Unbalanced, Qty. 4
    Impedance 1.2kΩ Balanced, 600Ω Unbalanced
    Phantom Power 24VDC Defeatable Rear panel DP SW, ON Indicator RED Front Panel
    Low Cut Filter 125Hz/12dB Defeatable Rear Panel DP SW
    Line Input Level 500mV (-6dBV) Balanced
    Maximum Input Level 6V (+6dBV)
    Mic Input Level No Pad Applied = 5mV (-46dB) = 2V (+6dBV) Balanced Output
    Mic Input Level 10dB Pad Applied = 15mV (-36dB) = 2V (+6dBV) Balanced Output
    Mic Input Level Maximum Input 40mV (-27dBV)
    Output Type WTSD Bus
    Connector Type RJ45
    Frequency Response 20Hz -20KHz +/- 1dB
    THD .06% & 1KHz
    Height 4.37" (111mm)
    Width 4.34" (110mm)
    Depth 2.5" (62.6mm)
    Weight 0.53 lbs (.24kg)
    Shipping Weight 1.3 lbs. (.61kg)

    Data Sheet
    Owners Manual