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SHS Series

The Strategically Hidden Speaker is designed to blend into the aesthetic of any ceiling, while retaining optimal sound performance.

SHS Series

Strategically Hidden Speaker incorporates a radically different waveguide design than any other ceiling speaker. The unique design allows for wide audio coverage while the driver remains hidden in the ceiling behind the 3" protruding Adaptive Dispersion Lens.


Strategically Hidden Speaker with included Clean Room Cover
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Strategically Hidden Speaker with 32-Watt 70/100V Transformer and Enclosure
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SHS Clean Room Speaker Cover
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Custom Print Trim Ring and Lens for SHS-6T2
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Sound Chamber Extension for SHS-6T2
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Elevated Thin Ceiling Bridge Kit for SHS-6T2
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Adaptive Diffuser Lens

Subtle Form

There is no traditional ceiling grill covering the baffle. Instead, it uses a patented 3” diameter dispersion lens with a micro trim ring. Once installed, the visual appearance is minimized to the radius of a high-end ceiling sprinkler head.

SHS Speaker Cross Section

Optimal Function

A robust, two-way driver provides high-definition sound as the sound exits the waveguide, it travels through the patented adaptive dispersion lens that acts as a phase plug. The acoustic result is frequencies are radiated evenly and annoying “hot spots” are minimized.

SHS Installed In Ceiling

Easy Installation

The SHS Series speakers are super simple to install. Just drill a three-inch hole into the ceiling tile, set the product through the hole, and snap on the micro diffuser. The SHS has expandable tile rail arms. Simply pull to retract the arms, and you're done. No rail screws required for installation in a drop tile ceiling.