IP 8Ω Extension Speaker


    The AtlasIED IP-SA incorporates the 8" model C803A coaxial speaker and a square grille finished in white epoxy. The IP-SA is designed to be used in conjunction with an AtlasIED IP speaker, models I8X(-CK) in applications where two speakers are required but expense is a factor. There is an 8Ω speaker output terminal on the PCB in the IP speaker that can be connected to the speaker input on the IP-SA. This will provide signal and power from the IP speaker to the IP-SA allowing for greater sound coverage and reduced expense. The IP-SA can be used with the same surface and flush mount enclosures used by Atlas IP speakers, the SEA-I8S, SEST-I8S, and FEST-I8S.

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    • 8Ω Speaker for Use with IP Speakers
    • Highly Efficient 10oz Dual Cone Loudspeaker System Provides 94dB Average SPL @ 1W/1m
    • Preassembled with Aluminum Baffle
    • Dual Cone Loudspeaker Design

    Speaker Size 8" (203.2mm)
    Frequency Response 70Hz - 15.5kHz
    Depth 2-7/8" (73.025mm)

    Data Sheet
    ATS005914 IP-SA Data Sheet
    Installation Sheet
    ATS005300B IPX Controller Board Wiring Diagram