Read and watch recent AtlasIED installation testimonials and learn why AtlasIED is the chosen systems solution provider. Our engineered products are designed to work as an entire system that best solves customers' audio needs.

Ford AV

United States

Ford AV partnered with AtlasIED to meet a customer's needs for great sound with specific aesthetic restrictions. The SHS speakers provided great sound coverage, a low form factor, and visual customization abilities.

Istanbul Airport

Istanbul, Turkey

When it came to the airport’s paging systems, AtlasIED, a global manufacturer of comprehensive audio solutions for commercial AV and transportation industry environments, responded to the performance spec laid out by the architect, Grimshaw.
AtlasIED’s system proved it could meet or exceed expectations for intelligibility, reliability, security, and scalability.

Big Lots Corporate Headquarters

Columbus, Ohio

Big Lots, a community retailer operating more than 1,400 Big Lots stores in 47 states, recently moved into a new two building corporate headquarters in Columbus, OH that includes a four-story main building as well as a separate store demo building. Needing to accommodate paging, emergency notifications, and sound masking across the entire complex, Big Lots turned to AtlasIED to solve their communication requirements.
AtlasIED design service experts laid out the entire system for maximum performance and interoperability with other systems including the fire alarm. The final system includes a single IP controller, five analog-to-digital gateways, four 8x8 digital signal processors, 174 standard speakers, and 1205 sound masking speakers.

Historic Turner Hall

Monroe, Wisconsin

Turner Hall, a building of Swiss architecture on state and federal historical registries, hosts banquets and live musical performances. When an audio system upgrade was needed, great sound and aesthetically pleasing components that would blend in with the historic décor were of the highest priority. SM12CXT-W full range, surface mount, coaxial speakers fit the bill.

Freeport High School Gymnasium

Freeport, Illinois

Freeport High School required a system upgrade for better game time audio performance. They wanted a system with excellent sound reinforcement with aesthetically pleasing components. At the same time, the system required easy operation with mobile system control - they chose AtlasIED.

Freeport High Sports Field

Freeport, Illinois

Freeport High School sought a new sound system for their sports field. After the success of their recent AtlasIED indoor gym sound system installation, they chose AtlasIED again. The outdoor field required weather-proof, high-output speakers with excellent speech and music capability. At the same time, the new system required easy operation from the press box with mobile system control.

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