Classroom Hands-On Study

Located in Louisville Kentucky, our centrally-located training center provides a combination of lectures and hands-on training. The mix will vary, depending on the subject being taught. AtlasIED’s Training Centers were built to provide a comfortable atmosphere for instruction. We limit class size to 12 or less in order to provide a better student learning experience.

The AtlasIED Training Center includes a dedicated training lab for “hands-on” training exercises. This lab has complete systems available for student use. With the addition of the training lab, we combine lectures with real-world use training. We provide shorter lecture periods followed, immediately, by a focused hands-on experience. The result is a better learning experience!

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Classroom Training

Online Course Study

AtlasIED has online tutorials available for our most knowledge intensive product categories. These videos are designed to familiarize the user with the product and its programming. Each short video addresses an individual topic so that you can learn exactly what you want or learn about the entire product family by watching each video at your own pace.

BlueBridge Training
GDS-4W Training