Perforated Baffle for 8 inch Speaker and 12 inch Analog Clock

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    Contemporary clock/speaker baffle assembly features a CRS grille and trim ring mounted to an 18-gauge CRS panel with cutouts for mounting an 8" dia. speaker (order separately). The 830 Series mounts into position using a double-action torsion spring system to provide a hardware-free appearance. Models include a black gasket for concealed mounting of an 8" dia. (203mm) speaker and a universal clock mounting bracket for installation of almost any 12" dia. analog clock (by others). The panel, grille, and trim ring components are finished in a white epoxy. Assemblies can be recessed or surface mounted using 194 Series enclosures

    • Can be Recessed or Surface Mounted Using 195 Series Enclosures
    • Mounts into Position Using a Double-Action Torsion Spring System to Provide a Hardware-Free Appearance
    • Panel, Grille, and Trim Ring Components are Finished in a White Epoxy

    Clock Hole Size 10 1/2"
    Clock Size 12"
    Compatible Enclosures 195-812, SM195-812
    Height 180 1/16" (45.87875 cm)
    Width 330 15/16" (86.20125 cm)
    Shipping Weight 14.00 lbs (6.35 kgs)

    CAD Drawing
    Data Sheet
    Data Sheet
    Data Sheet
    ATS004099 Analog Clock Baffles Datasheet RevA
    Installation Sheet
    ATS004382 Series 830, 840, 194, and 195 Install Sheet